Sunday, February 18, 2018
  • <span>Computer repair </span> and  <strong>support anytime, anywhere</strong>

    Computer repair and support anytime, anywhere

    Intuitive Technologies provides remote support as well as on-site service. We are here for you, anytime, anywhere.

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  • <span>We'll diagnose  </span> and  <strong>repair any problem</strong>

    We'll diagnose and repair any problem

    Whether it's hardware, software, network or internet issues, we will quickly diagnose and provide a solution.

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  • <span>Successful solution </span> for any <strong>situation is our goal</strong>

    Successful solution for any situation is our goal

    Intuitive Technologies strives for a successful outcome everytime with our excellent customer service.

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    Home Computer Services

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    Small Business Computer Services

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    Educational IT Services

Computer Repair


Intuitive Technologies, Inc. has been providing computer and technology service and support to schools, businesses, and residential locations in Indiana and surrounding states since 1998. Providing on-site service to businesses and residential locations with computer issues, Mac or PC, is one of Intuitive Technologies' specialties. So if you ever experience a computer problem, network outage or slowdown, or just need professional IT services, give us a call. We are prepared to step in and quickly provide a solution to your problem.

Web Site Development


Many of our clients need to have a Web site updated, rebuilt or built from the ground up. They also desire the ability to update the content after Intuitive Technologies is done. However, many clients do not possess the skills nor the software to accomplish this. As a result, Intuitive Technologies offers the installation of and training on administration of a Web site Content Management System. The CMS we install is open-source (free) software licensed under the GNU/GPL license. It is easy to use and reliable. Ask us about this great service.

Data Backup Service


You may have heard advertisements for on-line data backup services that back up only part of your data from your computer, like your pictures and files. But what about your programs and, more importantly, your operating system and all those updates and patches? We have the solution. We will backup your entire hard drive so that all your data is backed up. Should the drive in your computer fail, you will have all your programs, data, and operating system back up and running in no time.  We can backup your drive as often as you like.  No need to subscribe to our service.